In order to promote our university to participate in the projects and to develop projects both within and outside the university.

To prepare visual and written presentation materials.

To organize press and public relations of the University. To publish news and activities under institutional website in written and visual format; conducting news services in order to share with local, national and international news agencies and news sites quickly and effectively.

To collect and organize the news that will be published in our university news bulletin and to prepare and distribute the news bulletin.

Carry out tasks and works to create an accurate perception and attitude towards our university within Sinop province.

To make all kinds of arrangements about opening and closing ceremonies.

To meet the demands received by the Rectorate, academic and administrative units.

Performing various organizations.

To participate in the fairs that are deemed suitable and to prepare promotional materials for the fairs.

Preparing press conferences to be held by the Rector and gathering information for the subject(s) that will be discussed.

To create an archive of written, visual and audio documents, information and documents about the events that was carried out by our university.

Refuting the false and incomplete news, comments and articles that are released in the media and providing accurate information.

To ensure cooperation and coordination with other universities.

To collect and archive news about our university in the media.

To prepare press statements, press release and public announcements and to distribute them to the media along with visual materials.

To prepare an introductory CD for our university and make sure it is distributed to the right audience.

To arrange and carry out a university tour for highschool students and ensure that necessary introduction takes place.

To set up introductory stands in various organizations.

Organizing trips and events about our university.

Important: For any type of assistance from Press and Public Relations Directorate in regards to activities, designs and graphics, academic and administrative units should send us an official letter where they describe the details.